Interesting excerpts of the dll decoded with de4dot and dnSpy

Code Analysis:

Part One:

// SolarWinds.Orion.Core.BusinessLayer.OrionImprovementBusinessLayer
// Token: 0x06000057 RID: 87 RVA: 0x00004F8C File Offset: 0x0000318C
private static void DelayMs(double minMs, double maxMs)
if ((int)maxMs == 0)
minMs = 1000.0…


How You Have Betrayed Your Phone — This Relationship is Dysfunctional

Overview -

For this discussion, we are changing the focus from the office to something a bit more intimate, your phone, specifically your Android phone. You may have a Samsung, perhaps a Google Pixel, a OnePlus, possibly even…

John Hopkins Covid-19 Map

Covid-19 Cyber Infection


The Illness Dwells Inside You

We loathe to pander to sensationalism by riding on popular topics that everyone is discussing. This may make us less than popular in the realms of SEO or acting like a tabloid organization but as a company we attempt to always…


Over time we have borne witness as malware writers become craftier and embed code which allows them to determine virtualization. The reason for this is that most analyst who attempt to reverse engineer or analyze malware will do so on a virtual machine. Hence it would only make sense…


How To Fool Your Database Admin While They Are Unaware of Your Shenanigans

Not to be trusted

Section One:

Overview –

Do not allow picture of the cute savage animal to give you a false level of complacency. Behind that panda is a group of individuals who are not cute and more importantly…

Lokibot — Gutter Thief in the Night


If you are a man and a gorgeous woman whom you never met propositions you, only a fool would think something is not amiss hence why would you click on that picture of a model so you can ogle in private especially…

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